Support a kitten

Want to show some love?

There are loads of great ways to help animals in need. The most important is adopting your next furbaby from a rescue group but you can also donate money, food or pet supplies.

Rescue groups also always need great volunteers and you can even support by showing rescue and foster accounts some love on socials to help them promote their animals and cause.

Every little counts and each option can make a difference to an animal in need.

Scroll down for ways to support my own little foster kitties. And thank you for your support however and whoever you show it to. Your kindness really does make a difference to animals in need.

Support the AWLQ

Donate directly to the Animal Welfare League Queensland, the shelter I foster through, or consider donating to a rescue group near you.

Support my kittens

Support my foster kittens directly by sending them something from my Amazon wishlist or tip them with PayPal.Me and I’ll put it towards their care 💖