Will you love me forever?

We picked up Tachie and her four siblings as five week old kittens. They were filthy so the first job was to wash them, weigh them and note their distinguishing features.

Will you love me forever art board
Will you love me forever art board

Once she was clean and dry Tachie turned out to be a beautifully fluffy floofball. She loved to snuggle in to me just under my chin and used to race her brother Kaiser to get the best spot.

Will you love me forever tote
Tote bag option

Tachie was extremely photogenic and this is one of my favourite photos of her.

She’s about twelve weeks old here and the photo was taken just before we said goodbye and returned her and her siblings to the AWL Qld to be desexed and rehomed.

While still very young the image captures Tachie at the phase of a kitten’s life when one minute they alternate between still looking like a baby and looking like a young cat.

I particularly love how the photo highlights her gangster moustache, hints at her fluffiness and captures her trusting curious nature.

That look of trust is the reason I named this design Will you love me forever. For me the image represents Tachie moving from being a foster baby, sheltered in her foster home, to a young kitten that has to say goodbye to her siblings, find her new family and make her way in the world.

Will you love me forever cushion
Pillows and cushions in a range of sizes

Like all of my designs Will you love forever comes in a range of clothing , for men, women and children, as well as a number of homewares, gifts and stationery product options.

Check out my page on Redbubble for the full range or click on the photo of the product that takes your fancy to go directly to that page. You can navigate to the other products available in the Will you love me forever design from any product page.

Screenshot 2018-08-02 at 3.46.45 PMscreenshot-2018-08-02-at-3-48-47-pm.pngScreenshot 2018-08-02 at 3.47.52 PM

Happy shopping




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